About Us

This is totally a not for profit and non-governmental social organization established in the year 2007 with the help and support of the persons replete with the social services. It is registered in the Kathmandu District Administration Office. Further, it is registered in the tax office of Nepal for the transparent use of the funds collected from the individuals and partner agencies. Currently, we are working with poor and under privilege children to improve their health and education. Basicall ...Read More

Welcome to, Face to Face Organization Nepal

Nothing gives greater pleasure than involving ourselves in helping the persons who are made victim of social injustice knowingly or unknowingly. It is our responsibility to help avoid any kind of injustices prevailing in or around our surroundings to make the world a beautiful nest and a harmonious place. Through this brief note, we kindly request to all to be attentive towards the helpless children though you may have to reduce one cup of coffee out four which you take daily for a good cause! Due to the lack of proper education, the children will grow frustration within themselves when they are adult that will lead them to the way which our society takes that as a serious offence. Still their poor condition of health is the barricade for the development of the society and even the nation to large extent. Hence, thinking seriously on the part of the education and health condition of Nepalese children, we came to the conclusion to establish an organization that can help in educating them and keeping them healthy through various health campaigns. For this purpose we have established an organization “FACE TO FACE NEPAL” which aims at improving life style of the helpless by supplying financial help for the quality education and health services so that they can be capable of facing the challenges of life efficiently and effectively. PRESENT PROGRAM: Face to Face Nepal is helping the needy children of the poor family for their school. A good accommodation facility is available for them. Further, we are distributing computers, exercise books, pencils, uniforms, school bags, rain coats to the children. More importantly, we organize the health camps in the remote areas so as to facilitate the children of the poor family.