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This is totally a not for profit and non-governmental social organization established in the year 2007 with the help and support of the persons replete with the social services. It is registered in the Kathmandu District Administration Office. Further, it is registered in the tax office of Nepal for the transparent use of the funds collected from the individuals and partner agencies. Currently, we are working with poor and under privilege children to improve their health and education. Basicall ...Read More


Name: Ms. Sunita Lama

DoB: 18/05/2005

Sex: Female

Class: V

Father's Name: Mr. Subindar Lama

Mother's Name: Mrs. Bumu Lama

Profession of parents: Farming

Description:  Sunita is also an orphan. The only person to earn the money was her father who was the victim of the earthquake. Besides going school, she helps her mother in cooking and bringing grass for the cattle. She is really happy to have been financially supported.

Name: Ms. Sunmaya Tamang Syangbo

DoB: 13/02/2005

Sex: Female

Class: V

Father's Name: Mr. Mune Tamang

Mother's Name: Mrs. Thuli Tamang

Profession: Farming

Description:  Sunmaya's father also died during the earthquake. Smiling Sunmaya wants to carry on her studies and wants to become a nurse to serve the people in the health matters. 

Name: Ms. Reena  Bamjan

DoB: 05/01/2008

Sex: Female

Class: III

Father's Name: Mr. Kami Tamang

Mother's Name: Mrs. Sushila Tamang

Profession of parents: Farming

Description:  Reena belongs to a poor family. Her parents has a small house besides which her parents has nothing. The whole familyof Reena are feeling to be able to get financial support for the studies.

Name: Mst. Pasang Thing

DoB: 27/04/2006

Sex: Male

Class: II

Father's Name: Mr. Kale Thing

Mother's Name: Mrs. Tokasani Tamang

Profession: Farming

Description:  Pasang is a good student in connection to the studies. Like other student's parents, his parents too are the farmers and the crops they grow is not sufficient to feed themselves. Despite of economic problems, they want Pasang go school. They are really happy for the help.

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